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As the second largest residential security provider in the United States, DEFENDERS has doubled referral hires and reduced time to hire to just 13 days.

Brett Henninger

Corporate Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Great companies use EmployeeReferrals.com

How does it work?

Engage employees

Our powerful engagement engine helps you reach each employee with the right message and incentive.

Get referrals

Employees share jobs with their followers and refer their best former coworkers to your company.

Analyze and optimize

Track everything from the admin panel. You can launch special promotions and explore deep insights.

You & your referral program

Refreshingly Simple & Intuitive

  • Refer on the go from any device
  • No training, registration, or sign-up required to refer
  • Employees can sync social networks to see which friends fit your open jobs
  • Personalized emails suggest jobs and candidates to keep employees engaged

Save Admin Time

  • Push jobs to employee emails & mobile devices with automated frequency
  • Reward tracking is auto-generated so you don't have to figure out who to pay
  • Custom referral campaigns are created and tracked easily in one system
  • Utilize your employees to broadcast job openings on their social networks

Increase Engagement with Analytics

  • Measure your company's social reach and where your jobs are being shared most
  • View participation and identify top recruiting employees & recruiters
  • Customize campaigns, boost participation, and engage your talent network
  • Increase referral activity and hires with gamification

This can be your program

Employees love it, it's easy to manage, and the results are extraordinary