Transform your workforce into a recruiting machine

increase in referrals
faster time to hire
lower hiring costs
As the second largest residential security provider in the United States, DEFENDERS has doubled referral hires and reduced time to hire to just 13 days.

Brett Henninger

Corporate Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Jobs shared with millions of people in dozens of countries

How does it work?

Engage employees

Our powerful engagement engine helps you reach each employee with the right message and incentive.

Get referrals

Employees share jobs with their followers and refer their best former coworkers to your company.

Analyze and optimize

Track everything from the admin panel. You can launch special promotions and explore deep insights.

Take the guesswork out of referrals

Get the tools to analyze and optimize your recruitment strategy. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs with the right answers, right now.

  • In-Depth analytics track thousands of data-points
  • Track recruiter activity - calls, emails, campaigns, and more
  • Track employee engagement, participation, referrals, resume submissions, and success

Make referrals easy

When referring friends is easy, employee's don't hesitate to lend a hand

  • Referrals on the go from any device
  • Employees never have to register or log in
  • Branded, responsive referral experience
  • Personalized emails suggesting candidates for each job

Engage your employees

Every referral program needs a pick me up now and then. makes running special campaigns and raffles a snap. Our tool is the most advanced in the industry, and can help you run raffles, games, recognition, campaigns, and more...

  • Reward registration, referrals, applications, hires, and more
  • Target specific jobs, employees, departments, etc...
  • Analytics and metrics show employee participation and success

Integrates with your ATS

We integrate with every major ATS, from Taleo and Kenexa all the way down to Jobvite and iCIMS. We’ll work to make sure that your system has all the data we need to provide you with a great experience. We pull both requisition and hire data from your ATS. That means you’ll never have to manually add jobs or log hires; it’s done automatically. You’ll love the way our software plays with your existing ATS.